Black Leather Band

Bedlam Bards

Take Out the Trash


Bedlam Bards - Black Leather Band

In a neat little town called Gomorrah,
By a cruel distress I was bound.
And many's the hour of happiness,
I spent there while I was tied down.
I tried my best for to please her,
As I fed her grapes and I fanned.
For only the wealthiest slaves gets the pleasure,
Of wearing her black leather band.
Oh the moonlight gleamed off her handcuffs,
As she gave me the back of her hand.
The whip cracked down as I lay there,
Tied up with her black leather band.
She liked to go strolling through Sodom,
On a short leash I couldn't go far,
Reined in by a frolicsome damsel,
With tattoos and a dagger-shaped scar.
I woke one day from my lust for her,
And the laces I took from my hands.
When she came, I put her in position,
Tied up with her own leather bands.
So beware all you randy young fellows,
When a lassie takes advantages of ye.
Enjoy it as long as you like, me boys,
Then turn her right over your knee.

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